What is Active / Passive networking ?

At the point when your Network Delivers, Your Business Thrives. Proficient systems administration associates individuals to individuals, individuals to machines and machines to machines. Yet, in the event that your organization flounders, none of that can occur. So with regards to carrying out or improving an answer for associate your labor force increment their profitability, and keep an undeniable degree of execution search for a perceived organization counseling organization.

What types of Active / Passive networking are there?

Network Support Services

Our specialists can help you plan a procedure to help improve reach, execution, limit, and dependability.

Internet Services

High-speed connectivity option from traditional broadband to fiber-to-the-premises and dedicated internet technologies

Access Services

Solutions all throughout the planet give a large group of elective availability alternatives good to go when you need them.

Managed Network Services

From basic observing to co-administration and fill re-appropriating, we can diminish your IT weight and help lower complete expense of proprietorship

How are Active / Passive networking delivered?


Our innovative aptitude lies in giving the most ideal LAN and WAN systems administration arrangements by seeing how the organization associates with applications and frameworks. We join measure improvement strategies into each commitment to guarantee long haul operational soundness. We have confidence in building up our customers' inside ability. Consequently, we give hands on information move to guarantee all expertise holes are tended to before the commitment closes.


While active networking gives gigantic advantages, it additionally adds to the intricacy of an organization. The extra intricacy makes organization and frameworks the board a difficult and fascinating issue, since it is an issue wherein appropriated figuring can now more effectively and quickly be brought to bear. Disseminated processing calculations can be all the more handily executed and all the more immediately sent in a functioning organization.

Why choose Truvic

Uses of Active / Passive networking


  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Direct, end-to-end analysis
  • Deterministic and predictive
  • SLA, segmentation and isolation
  • 5. Real-time, end-to-end transport, network and service performance monitoring

Passive monitoring

  • Quality of experience (QoE)
  • Correlated end-to-end analysis
  • Detailed traces for diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting protocol issues
  • Non-real-time, in depth network, service and subscriber experience monitoring