About Truvic

Truvic Online founded in 2018 delivers world class customer centric services & offer various IT services. We are also the pioneers in creating a state of the art and highly competitive Devices repair services at great value pricing. We are a team of certified professionals who have expertise in Personal Computer hardware and software technologies. Our team works hard to understand customer needs and requirements. We also actively engage with customers to show them what more is possible with their existing IT infrastructure. We have unique “thinking tools” that help customers spark creative ideas. This helps open the doors to imagination of infinite possibilities using IT.

How It Works

Lets understand how Truvic Online works for General User and Professional.

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Choose service according to your requirement from a wide range of Enterprises & Consumer Services.


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Get Instant service by our team of professionals in wide range of services.



Register as Professional

Register yourself by choosing your profession e.g. Electrician, Plumber,etc.


Start working with Truvic

Start getting work in your area, earn more money, earn respect with Truvic Online.

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