About Truvic

Truvic Online believes in serving rather than being served only; therefore, it prioritises its clients and customers. Instead of focussing only on its progress and growth, it also ensures that the services and the facilities they provide are within society’s acceptance and obligation. In addition to this, maintaining a cordial relationship is also one of the aspects which Truvic Online also considers. Clients and Customers are the two substitutes that make Truvic Online progress. Thus, Truvic Online has always tried to contact its users for the long term, making Truvic a reliable and trustworthy organisation.

How It Works

Lets understand how Truvic Online works for General User and Professional.

General User


Choose a Service

Choose service according to your requirement from a wide range of Enterprises & Consumer Services.


Get Fast-Track Solution

Get Instant service by our team of professionals in wide range of services.



Register as Professional

Register yourself by choosing your profession e.g. Electrician, Plumber,etc.


Start working with Truvic

Start getting work in your area, earn more money, earn respect with Truvic Online.

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