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Established in 2018, Truvic Online, a well-renowned IT organisation, offers profound services and assistance to its clients and society. Having highly skilled IT professionals, Truvic Online deals with buying and selling technical products and assisting in repairing and replacing them at an affordable cost.

Truvic online is not restricted to any specific region but operates globally. Truvic online emerged from Truvic consulting Pvt. Ltd, which was founded and was in inspection in 2008. From 2008 till 2018, Truvic consulting pvt. Ltd has expanded its roots vastly, thus, covering the majority of the sectors.

Ideals that Truvic Online follows

Truvic Online believes in serving rather than being served only; therefore, it prioritises its clients and customers. Instead of focussing only on its progress and growth, it also ensures that the services and the facilities they provide are within society’s acceptance and obligation. In addition to this, maintaining a cordial relationship is also one of the aspects which Truvic Online also considers. Clients and Customers are the two substitutes that make Truvic Online progress. Thus, Truvic Online has always tried to contact its users for the long term, making Truvic a reliable and trustworthy organisation.


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Domains that Truvic Online majorly covers

Truvic provides services related to all the sectors, mainly, Managed IT Services, Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC), Cloud Services, Network Management, Buliding Management System, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Design and Development, and many more. Truvic operates in both enterprises as well as domestic sectors. In the first one, it provides services of various equipment such as fire alarm systems, video conferencing, CCTV/ Security systems, PRI lines, and many more. While in the domestic sector, it assists in various electrical appliances such as Mobile and tablet repair, Computer and laptop repair, ceiling/wall fan, geyser, water motor, and all the devices generally utilised in the domestic household.

Highlights which made Truvic Online outshine in the IT sector

Some of the facilities that make Truvic more favourable among the customers. They are as follows:-

  • Repair and Replacement policy:-

    Truvic Online offers repair and replacement easily and accessibly. The repaired/ replaced equipment or device are offered to the customer at an affordable cost.

  • Providing a Warranty card:-

    At the time of purchase of any device or the parts of the device, the customers are provided with a favourable warranty card. This card do not favour customers for the given tenure, but after that, also Truvic assists them in any need they want.

  • Affordability and Accessibility:-

    Providing technical devices and services at minimal cost is also one of the aspects which positions Truvic as a well-accepted firm in the IT sector. Truvic possesses a corporate culture of integrity with 100% customer commitment by offering devices and services at a reasonable rate.


Having a perspective to build an organised IT world possessing reliability, accessibility, productivity, and sustainability. Emerged in 2018, Truvic Online has expanded its pathways covering all the aspects of the IT sector, positioning users and providers at the utmost pedestal.

Enriching the IT sector, Enriching lives!!!!


To incorporate the betterment of the technology ensuring progression, growth, and development of an individual and the society. Truvic operates on a vision of making common lives effortless, and the IT sector flourished, therefore, availing the economical benefits.

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