Access Control System
Access Control for Enterprise and Office Buildings

We provide touchless, cloud-based admittance control experience offers a multi-site video radio and guest the board framework. Effectively scales to get one entryway or numerous areas. Secure your office and representatives by making a more intelligent, more secure work environment.

  • Cloud-Based System
  • Remote Management
  • COVID-19 Safety Tools
  • Touchless Access Control

Touchless Access Control : Truvic gives touchless section to entryways utilizing it's face acknowledgment and portable access innovation. An individual can simply stroll up the entryway, take a gander at the peruser and the entryway opens.

Remote Management : Truvic's cloud based admittance control is worked to be overseen from anyplace. The framework is worked to give moment capacity to add or repudiate access, and associate with different frameworks like HR, representative distinguish and login suppliers, to mechanize the way toward adding or eliminating clients. This permits higher security and spilled admittance to individuals.

Integrated Video Intercom : Most access control frameworks require introducing and dealing with a different radio framework for taking care of visitors, which brings about higher establishment, preparing and operational expenses. Truvic gives a guest the board radio framework worked in with it's cutting edge advertising.