What is AMC services?

Technical Devices no doubt make our life much easier and convenient. Their unexpected breakdown cannot be ruled out hence, it’s important to have a regular periodic care and check up to ensure smooth functioning of your devices. Our AMC service gives you one full year support for your covered device; preventive maintenance visits during the year; along with unlimited breakdown coverage physically or remotely. Truvic gives the best benefits out of AMC coverage that prevents your expensive from temporary or permanent breakdowns. We provide infinite service for small and large computer network post our mutual agreement. We provide fastest devices repair service with quick turn-around-time (TAT) that guarantees least possible downtime.As stated “prevention is better than cure”. Periodic maintenance can help these devices to keep them protected and avoiding repair expenses allowing you peace of mind while using them.

What types of AMC services are there?

Hardware and Software Support

Auditing & procuring necessary hardware compenents required or otherrwise necessary for the client.

Software Assistance & Installation

Auditing & procuring necessary software compenents required or otherrwise necessary for the client.

Maintenance of IT infrastructure

Monitor, troubleshoot & resolve issues with the client's IT infrastructure with necessary & quick fixes or upgrades & maintaining preventive protocols.

Antivirus Support

Implement & install antivirus and anti-intrusion systems in place to protect the client's data from malicious cyberattacks.

UPS Maintenance

Maintainance & monitoring of power backups systems to keep the client's business always online with minimum downtime, quick issue resolutions, redundant backups & more.

Troubleshooting of IP Surveillance Camera

Regular & scheduled maintenance of CCTV equipement with 24x7 support, instant replacement or upgrade of defective & malfunctioning components.

Office Network & Security Setup

Installation, management & support services for Enterrprise & SMB office network management & security/ access contol systems.

Printer Installation & AMC

Installation, management & support services for Enterrprise & SMB printer & scanner setups.

Phone Support

Installation, management & support services for Enterrprise & SMB telephone systems , including landlines, wireless & mobile network systems.

Onsite Visit by Engineers

Regular & scheduled maintenance & QoS audit visits by our experienced staff to ensure proper functining & quality od services delivered.

How are AMC services delivered?

  • Multi Brand / Technology
  • Hardware Support
  • Technology Driven Solutions
  • Support & Governance
  • Pre-scheduled Preventive Maintenance Protocols

Why choose Truvic

  • A one-time fee for year-long assurance with your technical devices like desktop, laptop and many more.
  • Relocation support when you move to a different location.
  • Warranty on workmanship.
  • We use only genuine and branded spares.
  • We stand behind our work and offer a 90-day service guarantee on all workmanship.
  • Preventive maintenance visit during the year.
  • Unlimited breakdown coverage - at home or on phone.

Uses of AMC services

  • Preventative maintenance – periodic checks on your system before problems occur
  • Avoid un expected Computer Crashes
  • Large cost savings compared to individual calls
  • Minimal downtime
  • Fixed annual rate to allow easy budgeting
  • Discounts on new products purchase
  • Discounts on upgrades
  • Instant Phone & Remote Support
  • 1 Hour Reporting wherever in city
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Experienced and well-trained technicians
  • 10 Years of experience in IT industry
  • We have 6 Branches across twin cities to provide faster services
  • Strict data privacy and protection policy’s
  • Standby equipment provided in case of service delay
  • Free delivery of all consumables and peripherals
  • 100% Repair / Replace solution guarantee