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A printer is a gadget by which you can take printouts on paper of any document, photograph, drawing anything that you have made on the PC/laptop/Desktop. We utilize the printer to change over that computerized report into Physical record. For the most part, we use paper to take printouts. There are various kinds of availability choices accessible. It can be connected through the USB port, LAN port (Ethernet network port), WIFI, Parallel port.

Kinds of Printers

Inkjet Printers That used a jet of ink to spray onto paper, inkjet printers reproduce digital images. These are the most common type personal printer.
Laser Printers High-speed laser beams that define an image on a negatively charged disc are used in laser printers to produce high-quality prints. In professional settings, color laser printers are more popular.
3D Printers In terms of printer technology, 3D printers are rather recent. A physical object was produced using 3D printing from a digital file. Layer upon layer of material is poured until the print job is complete and the object is complete.
Thermal Printers As paper with a thermo chromic coating is placed over a print correct form of electrically heated elements, a thermal printer produces a image on the paper in the area where the heated coating turns black. Thermal printing technology called as a dye-sublimation printer uses heat to transfer dye to materials.

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Printer repair near me

Why to choose Truvic for Printer repairing services?

Truvic is a certified and well-renowned company known for its services for all technical devices. For Printer repair service, Truvic has been stood as the most trustworthy and preferrable company by the customers. It has got positive reviews in terms of providing the best printer repair services and the best quality devices and its parts at an affordable cost.

Brands which Truvic majorly deals in Printer repair service

Truvic deals with almost all the brands which are found in the market. Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Panasonic, Xerox, Toshiba, Lexmark, Samsung, Kyocera, TVS, Oki, and the other brands the users might face any problem with. Truvic assists the customers in rectifying the problem online irrespective of the brand the customers have.

Brands we repair

Canon Printer


HP Printer


EPSON Printer




Panasonic Printer


XEROX Printer


Toshiba Printer


EXMARK Printer


Kyocera Printer


TVS Printer


Samsung Printer


OKI Printer


Troubleshooter to find the Printer Problem

Printer is unresponsive: The "Printer not responding" error typically appears when one printer fails to reply to commands sent by your computer due to wrong configurations, hardware troubles, or unresponsive services. There are a few potential fixes as a result of our investigation into this specific printer issue. You may apply more expedient solutions or check your antivirus and firewall application.

Printer won't print: You must check that your printer has enough paper, ink, toner, and that it is not jammed with paper. Additionally, examine the condition of your printer cartridge, if necessary, try replacing it with a new one. Sometimes when you replace a part on your printer, it stops printing.

Bad print quality: Printers are subjected to excessive heat, the printing they produce may be of poor quality. Place your printers apart from other heat-generating equipment and out of direct produce excess heat. Additionally, keep them away from windows, which can be hot and humidity high.

Uncertain about printer security: Your network-connected printer now has internet access, opening up new possibilities for cloud services and cutting-edge capabilities like remote management by outside service providers.You run the danger of losing data if you don't provide your printer the same level of protection as the rest of your network.

Services Available

Prints too slowly

Prints Too Slowly

Poor Connection

Poor Connection

Paper Jam

Paper Jam

My printer wont scan

Scan issues

504 Error

504 Error

Printer Security

Printer Security

Printer wont print

won't print

Print bad quality

Print bad quality

Spool error message

Spool error message

Driver not installed

Driver Error

Printer Dust

Dust Issue

Printer Unresposive


Truvic Promises

Quality Repairing

Truvic uses 100% Genuine Spare

Lowest Price Guaranteed

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Qualified Engineers

In house professionally trained service experts

Extended Warranty

Truvic assures 6 to 12 months extended warranty

Affordability, Accessibility, and Reliability are what Truvic believes in; it does not believe in breaching the information whenever the client's device is picked up. Customer satisfaction and understanding have been our most important priority, so does,Truvic not cause any trouble to the customer. We believe in securing the data of clients and offering transparency throughout.