What types of cloud services are there?


IaaS means a cloud service provider manages the infrastructure, including the servers, network, infrastructure, user management, data storage & more.


PaaS or platform as a service means the IT Infrastructure is entirely managed & delivered to users over the internet by the cloud service provider.


SaaS or software as a service is a service that delivers software tools & utilities to businesses.

What is a cloud service?

  • Public cloud services
  • Private cloud services
  • Hybrid cloud services

Why choose us

  • On-demand scalability
  • Made In India
  • Transparent Billing Model

Uses of cloud computing

  • Create cloud-native solutions
  • Test & build applications
  • Data storage, back-up & recovery
  • Reduced OPEX & CAPEX
  • Low latency
  • Maximun uptime
  • Global-scalability
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved performance
  • Greater reliability
  • Top-notch security