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Are you looking for an laptop repair service at home/office?

Want to get laptop repair at home? So, here comes Truvic online - the best IT organisation which can help you by providing laptop repair service online. It is a reputated firm which has skilled and profound IT professionals and specialists and provides laptop repair service online irrespective of place and time.

Brands which Truvic majorly deals in laptop repair service 

Truvic deals with almost all the brands which are found in the market. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, and the other brands the users might face any problem with. Truvic assists the customers in rectifying the problem online irrespective of the brand the customers have.

Brands we repair

Dell laptop repair


Acer laptop repair


ASUS laptop repair


HP laptop repair


Lenovo laptop repair


Microsoft laptop repair


Apple laptop repair


MSI laptop repair


Sony laptop repair


HCL laptop repair


Samsung laptop repair


Toshiba laptop repair


Issues which the customers commonly face while using Laptop/ Computer

The problems or issues which the users normally face while utilizing laptop/ computer are software/ hardware issues, RAM issues, display issues, storage problems, laptop/ computer boot problem, heating issues, Virus/Malware issues, system frozen or laptop/computer running slow, laptop/computer fan not working, and many more.
Truvic deals with and provides a solution to all the problems stated above. Not only solution but it also provides thorough guidance without making the customer to move anywhere.

Service Available

Mobile Screen replacement

Screen Replacement

Mobile Back Panel broken

Motherboard Problem

Charging jack repair

WiFi Issue

headphone jack repair

Damaged Body

mobile camera

Heating Issue

mobile earspeaker

Charging Problem

mobile heating

Boot Problem

Mobile mic repair

Window Installation

Mobile turning on problem

Storage Problem

Mobile water damaged

RAM Issue

Battery problem

Virus Removal

Any other issue

Any Other Issue

What happens when the laptop/ computer repairing shops cannot solve the customer’s problems?

Truvic resolves the majority of problems regarding laptop/computer which the customers faces in their day to day lives. However, one aspect which makes Truvic different and reliable from the others is providing Onsite laptop repairing. This laptop repair service makes the customers inclined towards Truvic and gain trust and support by getting an instant solution.

Laptop repair at home is the highlight of Truvic because it makes laptop service more accessible and effortless for the users.


  • 24/7 Online customer service:-


    Truvic has a cordial customer support service that operates 24/7. The users who face any trouble can call and get assistance anytime.

  • Stepwise guidance to customers:-

    While getting assistance on call, customers are made to understand the technical errors and how they will be rectified. Truvic does not believe in letting the customers follow them blindly. They are being guided throughout so that the customers can get knowledge and be aware of it in the future as well.


Truvic Promises


Quality Repairing

Truvic Online uses 100% original equipments

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Get best price at Truvic Online

Qualified Engineers

Consists professionally trained service experts

Extended Warranty

At Truvic Online we assure 6 to 12 months extended warranty

Truvic believes in Onsite laptop repair without carrying it from the customer’s place.

Truvic believes in addressing the problem online instead of carrying technical devices when caught up with any minor errors. In addition, if the customers are not used to any aspect of the technical devices, Truvic helps them without any hesitation. They provide a complete guidance online through which the customers following it can solve their problem within a short period of time.

Steps to be followed for availing Truvic services

  • Select the service:-

    An individual must select the device or the equipment in which he is facing an issue. After this, he must select the laptop service required to rectify that issue.

  • Book a service:-

    After selecting the service the user will fill the form where he will enter all his details including date and time. After this, he will get a call from the team for the service confirmation.

  • Doorstep service:-

    The user will be provided with all the details of the engineer visiting home for laptop repairing

How does Truvic deal when the Doorstep Laptop repair did not work out?

  • Pick and drop facility

    When the issue of laptop repair service did not work out at home, there is a facility of pick and drop in which the team will pick the device and rectify the problem. After resolving the issue, they dropped the device at the customer’s mentioned place. This laptop repair service makes Truvic unique because init the customer do not need to carry his device anywhere for repairing.

  • Laptop/ computer replacement facility

    There are some circumstances in which the customer cannot resort to the issue through any assistance. There is an alternative for laptop/computer replacement as well. Based on some terms and conditions, the customer can replace a laptop/computer with another one at an affordable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does Truvic provide any facility which can repair laptops/computers at home?

    Truvic provides laptop repair service online. Having 24/7 online consultation services, customers can get rid of technical issues anywhere. Apart from this, in case of any major issue pick and drop facility is also there where the team has a responsibility to pick and drop the device at the customer's place.

  • Is laptop repair online from Truvic worth it?

    If anyone wants to opt for an onsite laptop repair service, then Truvic should be the first option he should go for. Truvic assists the users thoroughly irrespective of the user’s technical ignorance and negligence. The advantage of getting online help from Truvic is that the customers do not need to go anywhere and get complete and stepwise guidance from the team.

  • How much does it take for Onsite laptop repair and replacement?

    Truvic is well known for providing its devices and services on a reasonable price. If the customer wants to get laptop repair online or wants to replace it, he has been offered affordable prices irrespective of the market price.

  • What is the vaccination status of the engineers coming for door-to-door services?

    Truvic comprises the fully vaccinated engineers and the professionals coming either for repairing or replacing the device.

  • Does Truvic provide sanitized replaced and repair equipment?

    Customer’s and staff’s safety is the utmost priority of Truvic on whom the company operates. Therefore, whenever the equipment is repaired or replaced, they are sanitized.

  • • Is there any possibility of getting a device issue solved on the same day?

    Truvic believes in providing instant services to its clients. First, it tries to resolve the issue online, and if, in any case, the device is carried from the customer’s place, it gets either repaired or replaced within a few days, depending on the issue.

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