What is an Access Control System?

Access control System is a security technique that regulates and monitors the usage of resources, devices, and equipment in a technical or computing environment. It includes an identification authentication and authorization of users and entities by evaluating some login credentials, passwords, personal identification numbers (PINs), biometric scans, security tokens, and many more.

Many organizations use electronic access control systems for multiple purposes. Some domains rely on user credentials, access card readers, auditing and reports for Access Control System installation to track employee access to restricted business locations and proprietary areas, such as data centres. While on the other hand, some of these systems incorporate access control panels to prevent unauthorized access or operations by restricting entry to rooms and buildings or any premise.

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Types of Access Control System

There are different types of access control system installation that are specifically used depending on the size of the deployment, the number of users and entries, and the level of security required. For example, a single office inside a commercial building will need very different security controls than the large warehouse. Dependent on the number of authorized persons, and the number of zones, there are some of the common access control systems which most of the organisations have, such as: -

  • Discretionary Access Control (DAC)

    It is considered the most flexible and has the highest number of allowances. Through a discretionary access control system (DAC), the company owner decides the number of people accessing a specific location. Each access control point has a list of authorised users that track the particular set of people accessing a specific site or place.

  • Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

    Mandatory access control systems (MAC) are the most secure type of access control where only owners and custodians have access to the systems. They are primarily used by companies and agencies that require the utmost levels of security. The system administrator controls all the access control system installation or settings, which can’t get altered without their permission.

  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

    Role-based access control (RBAC) is one of the most recommended access control system. Instead of assigning permissions to individual users, it works by giving licenses to a specific job title, limiting the time required to set up or change user access.

  • Rule-Based Access Control

    Rule-based access control is commonly referred to as an add-on access control system. No matter the type of access control one can choose, rule-based access control can change the permissions based on a specific set of rules created by the administrator.
    There are other broad categories of Access Control system that regulates the resources in a computing environment. They are as follows:

    • Virtual Access Control:- This access control limits connections to computer networks and data, using passwords and pin codes.

    • Physical Access Control:- Physical Access Control controls and monitors the entry and exit of an individual in an area, location or building using a secure authentication method such as an ID card or biometric identification. Through Physical Access Control, one can also track how a building or site uses frequency and time-usage trends.

What are the benefits of the Access Control System?

Access Control Systems is a fundamental concept in security that minimizes risk to the business or organization. It consists of policies that determine the people and the information and data they can access. Through authentication and authorization, access control policies make sure users have appropriate access to company data. In addition to this, there are other benefits of Access Control System as follows: -

  • Easily Accessible

    An Access Control system allows the users to access different areas and zones after being authorised or permitted to do so.

  • Eliminating the traditional methods

    Through Access Control System installation, one can save time accessing the restricted areas. In the conventional times, keys were the only alternatives through which one could access any particular premise. However, an access control system diminishes the need for keys and other traditional methods to access any place. This kind of access control system is also known as the door access control system. The doors can be opened through biometric devices or other sensor devices without any physical means.

  • Cost-effective

    Access Control system saves money for security personnel. There is no need to keep any security guard for identification and permission as access control devices can accurately and securely verify a person’s identity.

  • Monitoring the entrance and exit of the building

    Through an access control system, one can keep track of the entry and exit of a building/room. This method can also be used for personnel attendance, fire safety management, and tracking of staff on site. A door access control system is one of the aspects which leads the prevention of the authorised individual in the premise, therefore, eliminating the risk of crime.

  • Protection against unwanted visitors

    One of the significant benefits of using the Access Control system is that unauthorised or non-identified people cannot enter the premises without permission.

  • Employee freedom

    Employees who used to work in different time shifts can work and enter the building premises at their respective times. They do not have to wait for anyone to unlock the doors. Through Access Control System installation, one can offer flexible schedules for employees.

  • Protection against data breaches

    Important data/information such as health documents, financial records and general client data are often stored onto company-owned servers. Access control systems can keep this information safe by restricting access to IT rooms and individual computers or networks, so only assigned individuals can access them.

  • Reduced theft risk

    One can protect their assets, equipment, and supplies using Access Control. Through Access Control Systems, only the trusted and the permitted individuals can access the equipment and information.

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Why Truvic Online is the best provider of Access Control System?

Access Control System is the fundamental aspect of any firm or organization which primarily deals with security operations of a building or any premises. It provides a secure and safe strategy that offers a sound security posture against malicious attacks happening to an organization's or user's systems, physical buildings, and sensitive data.

There has been a substantial advancement and progress in the Access Control System in recent years. However, Truvic Online, an established Access Control System provider in India, is known for providing the finest Access Control System services, ensuring the protection of people and businesses from IT threats and preventing the disruption of a system's or device's operations.

  • PAN India Service

    Truvic Online operates and provides its skilled Access Control System services in all the regions of PAN India. From hardware and software setup and optimization to system monitoring and performance assessments to 24/7 technical assistance, we provide all the services needed to maintain the security and efficiency of the network.

  • It provides all kinds of Access Control System Installation Services and facilities

    Truvic Online being in the IT sector for a long time, is well-aware of all the Access Control System Support and its needs. Therefore, it offers all kinds of devices and services under the Access Control System’s domain.

  • Offering Access Control System Services at a reasonable price

    With Truvic Online, the users will get all kinds and features of Access Control System Services at an affordable cost, irrespective of the price available in the market. Apart from this, an alternative of negotiation satisfies the customers at their desired rate for the device or service.

  • Consists the well-certified and experienced Technicians and Engineers

    Truvic Online consists of exceptional technicians in Access Control System Installation Support. They have been working in this domain for a long time. This increases accessibility and productivity for both users and providers as the engineers can provide an instant solution while the customers rely on them because of their service and policy.

  • Efficient After-maintenance Access Control System Installation Service and Guidance

    Truvic Online offers effective and secure services while providing the service or data for any particular device or building. Apart from this, even after Access Control System Installation and service, it also ensures that the customer doesn’t face any problem and keeps track of their devices. If a customer faces any disruption in the machine, then Truvic, through its thorough guidance and support by the experts, solves the issue.

  • Breaching of Information

    Access Control System is a source that protects the data and the premises and its occupants from any physical or malicious attacks. Truvic being into Access Control System, ensure adequate Access Control System support through which the customers can avail their services without any fear.

  • 24/7 Online Consultation

    Truvic is a well-known IT organization that offers 24/7 monitoring and online customer support. The customers can be benefitted from the experts anytime, anywhere they want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is an access control system?

    Access control is a fundamental component of data security that monitors the access and use of company’s information and resources. Through authentication and authorization, access control policies make sure users are authorised and are permitted to access the company’s data.

  • What are examples of an access control system?

    These are the most common types of access control system, such as Keypad readers, Swipe card readers, RFID door readers, Biometric door readers, and Smart lock door readers.

  • What are the four elements of an access control system?

    There are four fundamental elements of Access Control System such as: - Access control barrier; Access control verification or identification equipment; Access control panel; The communications structure that connects these elements and connects the system to the reaction elements.

  • What is the primary purpose of the Access Control System?

    The purpose of an access control system is to provide quick and convenient access to the authorised people while at the same time restricting access to unauthorized people.

  • What are the benefits of Access Control System Installation?

    There are several advantages of Access Control System such as:
    1. Eliminate the Traditional methods
    2. Save Money and Energy.
    3. Monitoring of entrance and exit of the individuals.
    4. Protection and safeguarding against Unwanted Visitors.
    5. Freedom to work at the respective time.
    6. Prevent Against Data and information breach.
    7. Create a Safe and secure work environment.

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