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To be established on a proficient scale in the IT sector, an organization must possess efficient Managed IT services. In the transforming world of technology, a firm must have manageable IT services that can make the customers focus more on core business concerns than IT Managed services and operations.

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What is Managed IT services?

Managed IT services are technical assistance offered for effective business functioning and services. It ensures high efficiency and improvement of the IT environment and its processes. It enables proactive monitoring and maintenance, and dynamic support, ensuring IT systems function optimally.

Managed IT is a Managed service provider that deals primarily with the IT services of a particular organisation. It is commonly referred to as an outsourced service provider company that analyze and manage IT solutions including, networks and servers, software and technology infrastructures, data backup systems, and overall network security and risk management.

In addition to this, it operates as a technology consultant to its clients, which makes the clients or the users get effective IT services and solutions and leads to the prevention of IT risks and any technological disruptions.

Types of Managed IT services

In order to have a structural way of approach, most IT organization prefer to have all types of Managed IT services for effective Managed services and IT operations. The remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops and mobile devices is a common type of managed IT services. The types of Managed services which an organisation generally has are:-

  • Managed Networks and Infrastructure.
  • Managed Security and Support Services.
  • Managed Print Services.
  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Managed Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Managed Wireless and Mobile Computing.
  • Managed Communication Services.
  • Managed Infrastructure as a service (IaaS and PaaS).
  • Cloud-based Managed IT services providing access to data, analytics, and storage.

Importance of Managed IT services

  • Monitoring and maintenance of equipment and network.
  • Systems management.
  • Remote monitoring and management of servers.
  • Enriched Asset Information.
  • Container Security Assessment.
  • Extensive round-the-clock monitoring:- 24/7/365 coverage of IT tasks.
  • Mobile Device Management.

Additional Benefits which Managed IT services have

  • Efficiency

    Having a Managed IT services outsourcing IT tasks enables the team to focus on revenue-generating tasks. It also provides guidance or recommendations to optimize the performance of a company’s infrastructure.
    Constituting efficient Managed IT services provides 24/7 monitoring without the cost of the in-house team.

  • Better management of uptime

    The Managed IT services company are not restricted with any schedule. They can perform system updates and maintenance during off-hours, offering greater uptime and fewer workflow disruptions

  • Set contractual terms for IT tasks

    It includes Service level agreements (SLAs) which is time-saving for any IT organization in recruiting, hiring, or training IT staff. Managed IT services enables paying only for the coverage or services needed and avoid the expenses for maintaining full-time employees.

  • Effective Security

    Using an outsourced managed services provider typically means a higher degree of safety and security due to round-the-clock monitoring and preventing any loss with a single internal hire.

  • Before-time preparation

    Emergency response purchases, such as those typically experienced by an in-house IT team undergoing unplanned or urgent IT repairs, almost always cost more than preparation and planned management by a managed services provider.

  • Risk Prevention

    With the help of a Managed IT services, the Managed IT services company/ organisation has a more well-versed team, better checks and balances, and more streamlined processes which prevent any damage or loss to an organisation.

  • Detailed service agreements

    Because of Managed IT services, the organisation has a detailed list of deliverables which is rare to find by a full-time employee.

managed it service provider in india

Why Truvic is a better Managed IT services provider than the other IT firms?

Truvic has extensive, efficient, and effective Managed IT services. It makes technical working organised and encovers all the services and attributes which a Managed IT has.

  • On-time delivery

    Due to well-structured and functional Managed IT services, Truvic provides IT Managed device and its services promptly.

  • Client Satisfaction

    Customers or the Users are always the topmost priority for Truvic Online. Not only in terms of providing any product but attending the customer;’s grievances are considered by Truvic which make customers rely upon, consequently.

  • A Reputed and Authorised Organisation

    Truvic Online has established itself on a high pedestal because of having highly skilled technicians and effective services. Having highly Managed IT management, Truvic Online handles all the IT tasks smoothly and at an affordable cost.

  • No breaching of information:-

    Having organised Managed IT services, Truvic Online keeps the organisation's information in an organised way. Apart from this, it ensures no violation of the rights and information of the customers as well.

  • Easy Payment Methods

    Truvic Online accepts all kinds of payment online or offline. The Managed IT services offer payments to be done effectively without any technical interruption. In offline mode, the detailed information of all the payments is possible because of an effective IT domain and server.

  • Onsite, remote and hybrid delivery model

    Truvic Online offers online consultation. If that does not lead to any conclusion, it also assures the pick and drop facility of the devices and their parts.

  • Greater expertise

    Instead of relying on the knowledge of a handful of in-house individuals, the customers or the users are benefiting from the expertise of a robust outsourced managed services team. They get more accurate information and the instant results of their experience and in-depth knowledge.

  • 24/7 monitoring and support

    Truvic Online is known for its 24/7 available online consultation services. Be it any day, place, or time the users will be assisted because no technology and servers have been put on hold.


Managed IT services provide a wide variety of IT services with on-demand responses. It ensures 24/7 365 days coverage of IT duties and can contribute speciality knowledge or expertise. IT Managed service providers can increase IT efficiency and improvise uptime management, enforcing data protection and privacy standards. A Managed IT service is any task handled by a third party, especially in business IT services. Having effective, IT Managed services reduces costs, improvises service quality, and makes the internal team explore their domain n the business sector.

Managed IT services provides a problem resolution as it provides the services and strategic IT decisions taken by the service provider proactively. Therefore, a Managed IT service provider company acts as technology consultants and guidance to their clients in IT implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What Are the Costs of IT Services in Managed IT services in India?

    There is no standardized pricing or rate for managed services. It depends entirely on the type of service provided and the duration of the service. It is usually based on a per-user and per-device.

  • What is included in Managed IT services?

    Network testing and monitoring, network security & risk mitigation, Connectivity and bandwidth, Providing data storage, Managing installations and upgrades, implementing software patches, providing web hosting, network provisioning or virtualization.

  • What is the meaning of Managed IT services?

    A Managed IT services is an information technology (IT) task provided by a third-party contractor and delivered to a customer. It benefits the customers from predictable pricing and focuses on core business concerns rather than IT management operations.

  • What are the benefits of Managed IT services?

    User Productivity, Infrastructure Expenses, IT Staff Productivity, Small- Scale Investment, Predictable Monthly Costs, Immediate Expert-Level Support, and Business Productivity.

  • What are cloud Managed Services?

    Managed cloud services refer to cloud-based services and technical support to transform business operations. Cloud managed service provider handles monitors, reports, performance testing, backup and recovery and more.

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