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What is PRI?

Primary Rate Interface or PRI is a telecommunications standard that creates a digital connection between an organisation and a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) without causing any disruption. Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a telecommunications interface standard primarily used in Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDNs). It is a service provider for large enterprise users and has a high-capacity service, depending on the telecommunications provider's central service station and the customers' end.

A PRI (Primary Rate Interface) line is a form of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) line that enables phone lines for concurrent transmissions of voice, data and video traffic between the network and the user. The PRI line, or circuit, is a physical piece of equipment.

Types of PRI lines

A PRI line is an end to end digital circuit. It was one of the most widely used technologies for business communications and services.

A PRI circuit consists of two pairs of copper lines terminating on a modem from a service provider's premises to the customer premises. It uses multiplexing/de-multiplexing techniques to carry multiple channels in a single circuit. Each channel in a PRI line provides 64 Kbps for data transmission.

There are two common forms of PRI lines – E1 (which carry 30 channels in the two pairs of copper lines, common in Europe, India) and T1 (which carry 23/24 channels in the two pairs of copper lines, common in the United States).

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Advantages of PRI Lines

  • A Heat detector is a fire detection system that works either on a constant temperature that exceeds alerts others. It consists of sensors that are responsive to heat.

  • PRI lines are end-to-end digital lines; therefore, the clarity of voice transmission is much better than the analog trunk lines.

  • The cost of terminating the individual analog trunks is more than diminishing the one PRI lines; hence, PRI Lines and PRI services are cheap and effective.

  • There may be an uneven division in terms of the distribution of calls. In some cases, it also overrules the free calls limit. It is harder to tap into digital lines and listen to the conversations.

  • There are flexible billing options available with most PRI service providers.

  • PRI lines take lesser time to connect calls than the analog trunk lines.

  • PRI Lines is more economical and affordable as they offer flexible and accessible plans, charging for only 20 channels instead of all the 30 channels.

  • PRI lines offer both voice and data. Some service providers offer dynamic plans offerings where data is transmitted in all the channels that are free (not occupied by voice) at that given point in time.

  • PRI lines being a digital line is reliable. They consist of a fiber core ring where troubleshooting is easier and redundancy.

Benefits that PRI lines provide

  • Business progress

  • Accessible marketing Solutions

  • Cost optimization

  • IOT solutions

  • Customer Data privacy Security Solutions

  • Increase in Productivity Cloud & SaaS Solutions

  • Increase in connectivity

  • Multiple choices available

Features of a PRI (Primary Rate Interference) line

To Get a better understanding of what a PRI does and how it works, let’s start To by taking a look at some of its key features:-

  • A PRI lines comprises two copper wires connecting the service provider (network) to the customer (business end-user).

  • A PRI is technically one line, but it can simultaneously transmit 23 separate communications (voice, data, or video.) This means up to 23 people in a company can be on the phone (or sending an IM or having a video chat) simultaneously.

  • Each of the PRI channels has a 64 kbps capacity for data transmissions.

  • PRI lines can work with an analog or mixed EPABX setup and an IP PBX system.

  • A PRI can join two PBX systems together, increasing the number of available communication channels.

Why choose PRI service from Truvic Online?

The important aspect of PRI (Primary Rate Interference) is a circuit-switched system. There is always an actual physical and dedicated channel for the communication to travel on.

  • It provides all the PRI services and facilities

    Truvic Online include this aspect in providing services related to voice transmission, transmitting Data, Video, and Faxes at a reasonable cost.

  • Offering PRI Lines at an affordable rate

    With Truvic Online, inter-branch communication is done over internet/ leased lines, drastically reducing costs.

  • It is an end-to-end digital connection

    The Truvic PRI provides an alternative where any click of a single link provides the upscaling and the flexibility for using multiple channels at the same time. Truvic PRI lines offer 30 channels in one link, where each channel offers two-way communication.

  • Covering the maximum number of locations and users

    PRI Lines provide blocks of 23 channels because PRIs are circuit-switched, making any company hassle-free. Truvic Online constituting this device and its services at an affordable and accessible rate covers multiple locations or employees.


PRI (Primary Rate Interference) Lines in any particular company or organisation are the utmost priority to communicate with others efficiently and effectively. It can handle more than 23 calls at a given time without any interference. Therefore, Truvic Online, a well-reputed and recognised firm, offers the best PRI Lines connection services and solution providers, thus, making the customers rely on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the full form of PRI?

    PRI stands, or PRI full form is Primary Rate Interface.

  • What are PRI Lines?

    Primary Rate Interface lines or PRI line meaning is a type of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) line that transmits voice, data, fax and video traffic simultaneously. In addition to this, it uses multiplexing/de-multiplexing techniques to carry 30 channels in a single circuit.

  • What is PRI Line cost in India?

    It is generally offered within a range of INR 2000-20,000/- Although the prices are negotiable and can vary as per the discussion between the user and the provider.

  • Why do we need PRI Lines?

    PRI (Primary Rate Interference) Lines are generally used in small, medium to big and established firms and businesses. The fundamental PRI service/ uses are:-

    • Clear digital voice.

    • Pooled billing and cost-saving.

    • Direct inward calling.

    • Automatic call distribution (ACD).

    • Multiple communication features.

    • Security.

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