What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a session where communication between two or more users are held visually regardless of their location and time. It is a solution that allows two or more individuals to converse and see each other remotely.

In addition, video conferencing is an online technology where two or more people engage in a live or online video call. It offers screen sharing, slideshow, recording, instant messaging, and project management tools.

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Components of video conferencing systems

There are various components that enable video conferencing system for office or home to operate. The parts or the components that are utilised in the video conferencing system are:-

  • Stable internet connection

    A wired/wireless local area network, wide area network, cellular wireless and broadband are needed to execute video conferencing/communication.

  • Workable Video cameras or webcams that provide video input.

  • Two or more microphones, either an external microphone or one built into the accessing device.

  • A video display device, monitor, TV or projector, can broadcast video output.

  • Headphones, laptop speakers or external speakers can be used for audio output.

  • Video conferencing software

    A software that can be hardware- or software-based to reduce bandwidth by compressing and decompressing AV data. This software can be used for noise cancellation and to minimize background noise during conferences.

Types of Video Conferencing System

There are various kinds of video conferencing setup for office or home in the market. Among the most common and major types of video conferencing systems or online video call setup are as follows:-

  • Telepresence Video Conferencing System

    Telepresence is designed to host a meeting as closely as possible. It is primarily known to be a video conferencing system for office. In this meeting, the setup is done to make everyone feel like they are joining the meeting in person. Large screens are used, and cameras are positioned at eye level, making the video conferencing appears as if all the participants are sitting in the same room and around the same table.

  • Integrated Video Conferencing System

    Integrated video conferencing systems are for group video conferencing with a centralized location for the equipment. It is ideal for boardroom and classroom conferences where all the main cameras, displays and other peripheral videos are mounted in the main conference location.

  • Desktop Video Conferencing System

    Desktop video conferencing system is one of the preferable video conferencing systems. All the video conferencing hardware and software is built-in to a computer or laptop. Desktop Video Conferencing System is generally used as a video conferencing setup for office, basically in meetings, seminars, and conferences.

  • Service-based Video Conferencing System

    For serviced-based systems, the provider, which often is a telecom carrier, handles most of the control of the network setup. This means less work on your end. You pay for the solution, and your provider manages it for you, making it more convenient, especially if you don't want to bother with the technicalities.

  • Codec

    This room-based video conferencing framework utilizes an outside display, camera and microphone, the same framework for a meeting room.

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Advantages/ Benefits of Video Conferencing System

  • Time and money-saver

    The fundamental and obvious benefit of a video conferencing system is that an individual can conduct any meeting, seminar, or conference anywhere and anytime. This means that an individual has no time and location constraints which saves travel expenses and increases productivity to a great extent.

  • It improves collaboration and communication

    The opportunity of setting up a meeting, along with the possibility to share screens, send files, and use digital whiteboards, supports teamwork and communication.

  • Has an own storage tool

    Most video conferencing system is fully web-based which does not need any application or add-ons to be downloaded. Video recordings done via the conferencing system are saved in the cloud, saving space on the user’s computer and facilitating sharing.

  • Consists SSO authentication

    SSO stands for Single Sign-On, which enables the users to access a company’s business applications easily and securely from their respective phone or computer with a single login profile.

  • It facilitates global business

    Video conferencing in the technological world connects small to large companies/ enterprises by providing an immediate audiovisual connection with a client or partner residing at the other end of the world. This initiates their business globally and positions them on an utmost pedestal in the world.

  • Communalism

    Nowadays, many organisations use video conferencing or online video call for community-building activities and social gatherings, including lunch and learn, health and wellness activities, happy hours and games. These efficient meetings with the exchange of nonverbal communications develop a stronger sense of community among companies and customers.

  • Increased productivity

    By eliminating time and district barriers, meetings can be held anytime, anywhere with anyone. In this way, meetings are shorter and more effective with efficient collaboration tools and quick decisions source.

Why Truvic Online for Video Conferencing System?

  • PAN India Service

    Truvic Online operates and provides its best and skilled services in all the regions of PAN India. It covers maximum locations and users’ types and needs.

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    Truvic Online, one of the established IT firms, provides the best services and types of online video call system. In addition to this, it also offers after-service and maintenance of the device at a reasonable rate.

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    Knowing the utilisation and importance of online video call meetings and organisations, Truvic Online has the finest quality of video conferencing devices covering all the aspects of range, angle, picture and sound quality.

  • Highly experienced and Skilled Technicians and Engineers

    Truvic Online consists of well-experienced and certified technicians who have been in the domain of video conferencing systems and their installation for a long time. These engineers thoroughly know all the types and issues during an online video call or video conferencing system for office/ home.

  • Truvic believes in building connection

    Providing instant solutions to the customers without making them suffer for a long time makes both the users and providers build a strong bond with each other. Therefore, reliability and productivity are what Truvic Online seeks and operates accordingly.

  • Accessible replacement and repairing

    There are some circumstances when the video conferencing system and its surveillance gets disrupted; Truvic Online offers accessible and affordable replacement and repairing facilities without causing any inconvenience.

  • Pick and Drop Facility

    Whenever the customers face any issue with their devices, their devices are picked up and even installed in a stable working condition, without letting the customers relocate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is video conferencing, and how does it work?

    Video conferencing is an online video call meeting with two or more participants from different locations. They use a computer connection, audio, and video to connect for team meetings, webinars, product demos, job interviews, and more.

  • What are the advantages of Video Conferencing?

    Video conferencing boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, promotes collaboration, improves efficiency, and makes scheduling meetings easier.

  • How does video conferencing setup for office/ home operates?

    Video conferencing software instantly captures participants' video and audio, compresses the data, sends it across the internet connection and decompresses it to present video and audio to the recipient.

  • What are the 5 types of video conferencing system?

    There are five major types of video conferencing systems:- Telepresence Video Conferencing System, Integrated Video Conferencing System, Desktop Video Conferencing System, Service-based Video Conferencing System, and Codec.

  • What are the Best and Free video conferencing or online video call Platforms?

    Zoom, Google Hangouts, Dialpad Meetings, TrueConf Online, Skype, FreeConference, Lifesize Go, Slack Video Calls, Google Meet, Bluejeans, and Cisco Webex Meetings.

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