What is Data Compliance?

Data compliance depicts the formal data compliance standards and practices that protect sensitive data from loss, theft, corruption, and unauthorized use. It refers to regulations that an organization must follow to keep data organized, managed, and stored. It monitors what data needs to be protected, acceptable processes, and penalties for failing to follow the rules.

Data compliance support or services is the practice of ensuring that sensitive data is organized and managed in such a way so that an organization can meet enterprise business rules along with legal and governmental regulations. Therefore, data compliance support provides productivity, accessibility, and reliability to both the users and the providers.

In addition to this, a key element of data compliance or data compliance support is tracking what kind of and how much data is being stored and how that stored data is being managed. Apart from this, Data compliance support standards, laws, and principles about the privacy of personal information and how the organization stores and secures that sensitive data.

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Difference Between Data Compliance and Data Security

Data compliance and data security are not identical aspects. Although data compliance and data security have the same goals, that is, to minimize and manage risk associated with collecting, storing, and handling data, data compliance only ensures to meet the minimum legal requirements. Whereas, Data security covers all the processes and technologies of securing confidential data, including firewalls, authentication, and password protection protocols.

Types of Data Compliance Support


    HIPAA, formally known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, sets the data security standards for handling patients’ personal health information (PHI) and keeping it confidential and safe.
    The “covered entities” under HIPAA include providers and health plans and business associates that have access to PHI, such as Data transmission providers, medical transcriptionists, Software businesses, and insurance companies.

  • GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, was enacted by the EU to protect their citizens’ data and the right to know the data providers collect about them. GDPR is known for its strict rules for any breach in the information found. Apart from this, GDPR also consists the regulations to store and protect data.


    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) are developed by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, an independent regulatory body. It is a set of contractual commitments enforced by the PCI SSC. Any business or organization that accepts, stores, or transmits cardholder data is subject to PCI-DSS and ensures proper handling and storing of that data.

  • SOX

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) primarily deals with financial reporting where the IT organizations ensure financial reporting is accurate and timely. Every public company in the United States is SOX compliant.


    HITRUST is a leading data protection standards development and certification organization. HITRUST CSF is valuable risk management and compliance framework for organizations because it incorporates and harmonizes the largest authoritative sources of any security and privacy framework.

What Are the Benefits of Data Compliance Support?

  • Data Protection

    Nowadays, the world has become a technology-reliant where the organizations or data compliance support specialist are producing, sharing, and storing data and information. They have efficient data protection plans to ensure their safety and their customers. Through Data compliance support, the companies are made to improve their data compliance standards and practices to prevent breaches from exposing, stealing, or corrupting customers' sensitive data.

  • Customer Trust

    Data Compliance support consists of the rules and regulations in which breaching the private information and data of the customers and organizations are the foremost. This assurance build trust and credibility to the customers or the users who are availing the services from a particular organization.

  • Cost Savings

    Not following the data compliance standards and regulations can lead most organizations to pay hefty fines and money loss. Data Compliance Support keeps all the data in an organized and structured way.

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Why is Truvic Online one of the leading Data Compliance Support Specialist?

Data Compliance Support services are the fundamental aspect of any firm or organization which primarily deals with the business operations and the customers. There has been a substantial advancement in data compliance in recent years. However, Truvic Online, an established IT organization, provides the most acceptable web data compliance support services.

  • PAN India Service

    Truvic Online runs and provides its best and most skilled data compliance support services in India, including PAN India and its users.

  • It provides all kinds of Data Compliance services and facilities

    Truvic Online being in the IT sector for a long time, provides the foremost data compliance support services in India. It provides all the features or aspects which come under data compliance.

  • Offering Data Compliance services at a reasonable price

    With Truvic Online, the users will get all kinds and features of data compliance services at an affordable cost, irrespective of the price available in the market. Apart from this, there is an alternative of negotiation that satisfies the customers at their desired rate for the product.

  • Exceptionally certified Technicians and Engineers

    Truvic Online consists of exceptional technicians who have been in data compliance support service for a long time. This increases accessibility and productivity for both users and providers as the engineers can provide the solutions instantly, making the customers rely on them and trust them.

  • Efficient After-maintenance service and Guidance

    Truvic Online offers its finest services not only at the time of providing service or installing the devices but also after installing the devices. It keeps track of whether a device has been working correctly or not. In addition to this, if a customer faces any disruption in the device, Truvic also provides thorough guidance and support by the experts.

  • Breaching of Information

    Data compliance itself depicts protection and keeping all the data and information security. Truvic Online dealing with this domain enables security and safety of the data and ensures that the rules and regulations are strictly followed irrespective of any unfair means.

  • 24/7 Online Consultation

    If a customer or user faces any difficulty accessing any data compliance support service, Truvic has a facility of 24/7 online customer support by the expert teams through which the customer can be assisted anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is data compliance support?

    Data compliance is the practice of ensuring that organizations follow the established rules and regulations to ensure whether the private data and information are organized, stored, and managed against loss, corruption, theft, and misuse.

  • Why is data compliance support necessary?

    Possessing data privacy regulations or data compliance standards is crucial for letting any sensitive information be misused in case any data breach occurs.

  • What do you mean by the Data Compliance tools?

    Data Compliance tools are the software solutions businesses use to comply with legal, security, and regulatory requirements and standards. These tools make a constant audit of user activity effortless, streamline risk management and implement other required controls.

  • What are the Data Compliance Tools?

    Some of the best data compliance tools are GDPR365, OneTrust Privacy, Secure Privacy, Onspring, Netwrix Auditor, Vigilant Software GDPR Manager, Manage Engine Event, Log Analyzer, and Audit Board.

  • What is a data compliance support framework?

    A data compliance framework is a set of guidelines and practices that help organizations adhere to regulatory requirements. These kinds of the framework are designed around specific laws and regulations, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.

  • Why is data compliance substantial?

    When an organization takes the proper steps to be data compliant, they protect the data and private information that offers trustworthiness and credibility.

  • Mention some of the best data compliance support services in India.

    There are various services which are included in Data Compliance Support, such as Data discovery, Data risk assessment, Data processor/collector (vendor) risk assessments, Data and cybersecurity governance program, Incident response procedures and published privacy notice(s), Development of a Record of the Processing activity, Data processor inventory, and Privacy training (in-person or online).

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